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The magic mirror which opens up the lift car to the outside world


Gateway applies IOT technology to cabin mirrors, transforming them into new, powerful, revolutionary devices.

The IOT technology from TGD/LU-VE makes a normal mirror into a completely new multimedia tool, connected to the Internet.


Unlike conventional systems, Gateway offers new functions never before seen in a cabin.

Video with touch-screen technology
The mirror becomes a tablet which can communicate with the user and the outside (via the web).

Communication and digital signage
The mirror becomes a device which can transmit information, photographs, videos, advertising and much, much more, with the possibility of remotely changing the contents in real time.

Emergency mode
In the event of an alarm (with the application of a micro web-cam) the cabin can be put in audio/visual communication with the safety/assistance service: calm passengers – safe passengers.

Maintenance support
Audio-video communication coupled with touch-screen technology allows maintenance staff to connect to the service centre and access files (manuals, instructions, documents) to facilitate and speed up operations on the lift system.


IOT technology
The entire system is a product driven and managed remotely via the web (network cable or Wi-Fi).

Lightweight and slim
No impact on the load rating of the cabin and no increase in weight or footprint, compared to a normal, traditional mirror. Gateway completely eliminates traditional, space-consuming video screens. Mirror thickness 30/35 mm.

Touch mode
Can be activated/deactivated remotely or locally.

High resolution and brightness
Of image: videos, photos, etc.

Elegant, adaptable design
The mirror and its finishes can be personalized.

Tough and reliable
Based on the technology used in doors for refrigerated counters in shops and supermarkets (intensive use, impact resistant, high reliability over time).

Gateway, It's time to elevate the ride! Interactive touch, small space, big impact, live emergency response.

Available dimensions of the digital section (touch-screen video area)

Dimensions (inches)

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